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Vol. V 

Residence of Mrs. William A. Clark — page 1 

Residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Breen Crowley - — - M 9 

Residence of Mrs. Rudolph Currier " 17 

Residence of Mrs. Austin H. Davis " 23 

Residence of Deacon Manoah Dawes n 31 

Residence of Mrs. Mary A. Detsch — n 37 

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Concord Street 

Historical Sketch 

Family Genealogies: 
Samuel Green 
Gilman Nickles 
William Clark 












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Clark house, Built 1765. 

Concord street 

The William A. Clark house, situated on the south side of 
Concord Street, set somewhat back from the road, and about a 
quarter of a mile from the village center, was built by Samuel 
Green about 1765, at the time of his marriage. It is a large 
house facing south overlooking fertile meadows, but owing to a 
radical change in the town roads, the original back of the house 
is now considered the front. The old Concord road formerly 
passed between the house and barn, crossed the meadow and joined 
the road now called School Street at the point where the Bellows 
Hill road begins (see map, Massachusetts archives, years 1779- 
1794.) For many years there was a foot path from the house to 
the Capt. John Green home which went across the upper side of 
the meadow. A majestic towering elm stood near the barn. It 
was removed in 1925 after becoming dangerous by reason of age 
and battles with ice storms. A smaller elm remains just west 
of the front door, spreading leafy summer shade over the house. 

The building, two and a half stories high, has a gable 
roof under which the rooms are grouped around the big central 
chimney. The south front door, opening into a narrow entry, is 
flush with the walls of the house. Above is a moulding and 
straight board projection; on each side are four rectangular 
glass lights, below which are wooden panels. Hewn stone steps 
remain in plaoe. 

On the ground floor the south-east and south-west rooms 
each have open fireplaces, the former being particularly ornament- 
ed by a paneled wall containing numerous cupboards, while the 
latter has a paneled wall with mantel surmounting an iron Franklin 
fireplace set into the brick work of the chimney and trimmed with 
well preserved brass rosettes. Wainscoting, chair high, is in 
both rooms and boxed beams are to be found in every room of the 
main house. 

The north rooms were intended for the kitchen and work 
rooms. Sometime in the past, the kitchen fireplace and oven 
have been entirely removed; the north-east room has horizontal 
board petitions. The outside east door of this corner room has 
been permanently closed. H and HL hand wrought hinges prevail 
throughout the main house, also low ceilings and broad board 
floors. Most of the windows have twelve small panes. 

The stairway leading from the south entry, originally the 
front stairway, is winding and narrow, with plain balustrade and 
posts. A very odd stairway having several angles, goes from the 
second to the third floor where there is a large finished room, 
spacious closets and big unfinished attic. The second floor con- 
tains four roomy chambers. 

An ell has been added to the house extending to the west, 

containing kitchen and pantry on the first floor, and bathroom 
and storage room above. The ahed and garage are attached to this 
ell running to the south. 

In the north cellar wall is a square opening into which the 
wines and liquors were put to keep them cool. When Parson 
Litchfield called it was customary to offer refreshment, and upon 
other occasions. 

Samuel Green, the first owner of the farm, was the fourth 
son of Oapt. John and Martha (Hunt) Green, who were the first of 
that name to settle in Carlisle. Samuel was born Sept. 15, 1739 
in the old house that formerly stood opposite the house now 
owned by Dr. Ashley Day Leavitt. In 1765 he married Rebeccah 
Sargent of Stow. They had six children; three of them died in 

Lydia, Sarah and Rebeccah grew up and married. Lydia, who 
was born April 24, 1769 became on June 14, 1793 the wife of Amos 
Blood; after his death in 1819 she became the wife of Leonard 
Green and went to live on her father's home place. She died 
April 29, 1826 aged 57 years. 

Sarah, born Oct. 24, 1771, married Nathan Green, Jr. April 

4, 1793 and lived on the William Green place now known as the 
Ernest Wilkins place. She died Jan. 10, 1833 aged 61 years. 

Rebeccah, the youngest child, born Feb. 11, 1779 married 
Dr. Thomas Jewett of Ringe, Oct. 12, 1800. He was a physician 
at Ringe, N. H. but practiced a few years at Carlisle, returning 
to Ringe in 1801. Rebeccah died there Oct. 19, 1850. 

Lydia and Sarah, both widowed, and whose father, Samuel 
Green, had died six months previously, sold to John Green and 
John Jacobs, a committee appointed to build a school house in 
the middle school district, in Carlisle, a piece of land from 
the home farm. Probably this was the first school house erected 
in the middle of Carlisle. This transaction took place Sept. 8, 
1818, The school house was built on the top of the hill nearly 
opposite the Highland School. 

An interesting piece of family silver has been handed down 
from Samuel Green through his daughter Lydia Green who married 
Leonard Green, the grandfather of Thomas A. Green. The latter 1 s 
widow, Mrs. Mary A. Green, has this silver toddy spoon marked 

5. G. which is of pure colonial pattern. 

Samuel Green was for fourteen years town treasurer, from 
1789 to 1802. He died Feb. 22, 1816 aged 76. 

Samuel Green, 2nd, son of Nathan Green, Jr. and grandson of 
Samuel Green, 1st, also owned and lived in this house. He married 
Olive Green, Leonard Green's daughter, Oct. 23, 1823 and had two 
children, Lydia and Sarah. After the death of Samuel Green, 2nd, 


on Jan. 29, 1829, his widow Mrs. Olive Green married Paul Green 
Forbush for her second husband, in 1835. 

Other owners or occupants of this house, as far as is known, 
have been William Wilkins and family, who went from here to the 
present home of Frank Wilkins on Westford Street; Gilman Nickles 
and family who remained here until he built the house now owned 
by Charles Hastings in Carlisle center; Ezra Page and family who 
lived here from thirty to forty years, followed by his son Herbert 
A. Page who owned it for two years, and finally William A. Clark 
who acquired it in March 1899 and took his bride, Rena Carr, to 
this house, April 2, 1899. She was a native of Carlisle and a 
teacher in the town schools. Here they raised their family of 
two sons and two daughters and had a happy home. The friends of 
this popular couple assisted them in celebrating their twenty- 
fifth wedding anniversary, April 2, 1924, by a surprise gather- 
ing, at which an original poem was read by Mrs. Lucy Roby Davis 
and a "sum of silver" was presented to them. 

The farm of approximately eighty acres, on which Mr. Clark 
raised excellent produce for the Boston market, became noted for 
its superior beds of strawberries, so that many visitors came to 
see them. He also had an extensive wood and lumber business. 
His helpful and neighborly attitude was known and appreciated 
throughout the town and he was called upon to fill several town 
offices. It was no idle saying to quote Sam Walter Foss 1 words: - 
"He lived in a house by the side of the road, and was a friend 
to man. " 

Since his death in 1924 the farm has been carried on 
primarily for dairying, by his widow and older son Guy. The 
family has continued to live in the old house, made much more 
comfortable in recent years by the installation of steam heat, 
electric lights and other improvements. 

Guy Clark is serving on the Board of Assessors at the present 
time (1931). 


Samuel Green, 1st. 

Samuel Green, son of Capt. John and Martha (Hunt) Green 

b. Sept. 15, 1739 

d. Feb. 22, 1816 - aged 76 <_, . 

Rebeccah Sargent, of Stow, Mass. oUa^. ^a^^-JL t -€^^^±^^0^.^^. 

Married - 1765 c^aS^juA JU^d j&^Lla f^^ ^ <*~ ^ /LOru ^- ™- <=^ 

Children: - 

Three who died in infancy. 

4. Lydia, b. April 24, 1769, Carlisle 

in. June 14, 1792, Amos Blood (he d. 1819) 

m. 2nd - Leonard Green 

d. April 29, 1826 - aged 57 

5. Sarah, b. Oct. 24, 1771, Carlisle 

m. Nathan Green, Jr., April 4, 1793 
d. Jan. 10, 1833 - aged 61 

6. Rebeccah, b. Feb. 11, 1779, Carlisle 

m. Dr. Thomas Jewett, Oct. 12, 1800 
d. Oct. 19, 1850 - Ringe, N.H. 

Samuel Green, 2nd. 

Samuel Green, son of Nathan Green, Jr. and Sarah Green 

b. July 17, 1798 
m. Olive Green Oct. 23, 1823 
d. Jan. 29, 1829 

2 children: Lydia and Sarah 



Clark . 

William Ambrose Clark, son of Ambrose Eugene and Catherine (Young) 

Clark, was one of nine children, 
b. August 5, 1877 at Tolland, Connecticut 

came to Carlisle from Connecticut in 1897 
and was a farmer. 

Married - April 2, 1899, Rena M. Carr, at a double wedding, 

when her brother Alvah Carr was also 

Died - October 29, 1924, at Arlington, Mass. 
Buried in Green Cemetery, Carlisle. 

Children: - 

1. Myrtle May, b. May 7, 1900, at Carlisle 

m. Lieut. Irvin M. Puffer (World War 

veteran) June 24, 1919, Carlisle, 
d. Nov. 26, 1921, Bedford, Mass. 
leaving one child, 

Irvin Maynard Puffer, Jr. 
b. May 29, 1920. 

2. Guy William, b. August 8, 1902 . T*^no\r.% \<\&t,i^<yLJU~*fa*, 

JS> cfZ^oL^iyxyxrri^, <LouuL. c^TVUirfYVUn . .Step . loinrd/i o^GcxS^Vt*™^ 

3. Maria, b. February 1C L 1905. -m^c^Jiu^.^,^. ^~iu-i<p^ 

4. Edward Joseph, b. July 9, 1907. 



East Street 

Historical Sketch 

Lt. Jonathan Spaulding Family 

List of Chattels of Jonathan Spaulding versus Joseph Spaulding Estate 

Fletcher-Spaulding Genealogical Lines 











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^ay 20th 1935 


. y dear Mrs. flill iai , 

if tor the clear aad full his- 
tory you sent me of my house, I sure have 
been pretty slow about thaakiig you. 1 
have been very busy, both at work and at 
the home which takes every spare moment of 
my time. j have done most of the re- 

pairing on the house ourselves with the 
^id of a local Carpenter and I think you 
will like it. Lfter the fire, the down 
stairs walls wore all broken down, so 1 
had the beautiful panel work from just 
above on the econd floor brought down to 
the first floor. This whole partition 
came down in three parts, not even a door 
could be removed. It just fits and shows 
up beautiful. The fireplace v/as rebuilt 

with most of the old bricks, -e are 


nearly finished ^nd wish that some -unday 
afternoon, if you could spare a few moments, 
you might give me your opinio^ of it. 

ibout my frand-uncle, little 


is known. y grandfather was the elder 

and died in 1G69 when my father, the 

eldest in his family was but 11 years old. 

They know he was a carpuntur and painter 

and worked throughout the towns of Lex Vo . ! 

Ooncord, Lincoln and Carlisle and enlistud 

here he happened to he at the tine of the 

war. He left after my grandfather's 

death for -t. Louis, and like a let of 

nen in those days, did not keep up any 

correspondence. He was born in <<ater- 

ford, Ireland, his mother was Kary Funs ton 

and father ~ ichael Brcen. They cane to 

America in the early !G40 ! s, settling: in 

Charles town. If I ever find any more 

about him I will write you. 

bincerely yours, 


U>€<U£> ^fe XOy^. ^UU^ JuLuL VUCTUULjLs TUTUS' (>~<IXLCcA^UJZ^cL bz/ Ve^2^ ^JUL^^cJtJt. - OJj-^£, 

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Church Street 

Historical Sketch 

Taylor Genealogy 
Rudolph Currier Family 





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CLuUvidLiaL. S. hbcuzli^cryu f bz. &uiU^ ^vuxxjlaajz. db- >C>-£C. ^— 1^2-- obeyed 72/a/sLo 

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Bedford Road 



Historical Sketch 

Var num Munroe Family 
John Proctor Davis Family 






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c/-<-</Y^? I *l*A*S 





Awarded diplomas and graduate caps as obstetrical nurses at the Salvation Army^s Evangeline Booth Maternity 
Hospital, 202 West Newton street. Seated, left to right — Dorothy Hall of Worcester, Leona Bruce of Somerville, 
Ethel Lewis of Nahant and Ruth Davis of Carlis l e . Standing— Assistant Superintendent of Nurses Elsie Holts- 
berg, Eleanor Johnson of Dorcncster, (jarmeh , a' J S6nes of Brownesville, Vt.; Vwelma Boyer of Butler, Pa.; 
Blanche Rodman of East Weymouth, Lee Smolley of Somerville, Evelyn Gaiser of Butler, Pa.; Evelyn Ryder 

of Roslindale and Superintendent of Nurses Elizabeth Bergner. 

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~y\A/iA . ^-Je=*SU^usi^ G-^LiMTi^cryi cic ztJote. bereft ~%~atsdC £>cy. hxrrryvca LlTcSul, c^auvujaq^edi 




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S^JLpAJ^^Ux^^c^ , Jy- Qjuucl 7-/7/1 > di.l^J-Ko- \<=fl&. 




North Road 

1 Historical Sketch 

Manoah Dawes Family 
William Bean Family 
Benjamin H. Webster Family 







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OU^dL ~vul<^m, J&U2JL>is VQjL^cL "Mu^Lrr^JldU. 



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<&vuoL &&- Meg- (jJuj^adt <JQsn~eJzsu^j X&*AA*zz~c^yiA*<^cxa JoLlqsul, -JUssdtuJ? ~BuC4 Ory-zJle. 


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dUDU^o&d&L oi &>&vu2**e>z^ auu^cL &>au&a£u (QiceJklU^) (^Qajol^i^J^uu^l Uy£uo Cerate 

fK>o. auccdblyVtA. XU^n^jO^U^ (jLcLouwia* /dho^ock Z&lqjl*. -j&<JLnJLcj nw~GLMJijUL^~&t-^ 
tyjZj&Uxz^. i&jjDzj2siAJ>$> (jn^cru^'l'VU^o ClxlJ^te.^j , tz^nn-en^dt^JkfejUj^^ 
nrrQ^ccJo-^ y^C oacX r^uu z&SLul. y^£Jbz^ tsf- ^£02, '&i&*u2~^dt u^jo^xjl, \^%nAj^ck —Qlctulaj^ 


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-6^ Cn^ OdC t l|- 1^3 out -Ala. auc^, of 77- ^&uu^ auu^ AtjlXjUoL Xcc J&jlsl. 

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VtCucjL&\ -^ rL jr -$buL^ Jo-cjCl, c£<=L d-crtxt*.- Jz-cnzl^ ^-yucrx^O ~nAj2j3LriAijL <LZr>eju2-*=L uStfc&L, 4feL_«- 


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"~\AA^DLn^suiJX i EJLuz f cx. , UcrRx> cLuz^di \tjdLcj SLJ- H05" c^f ~i$juL- Ct -^- °$ / 3 7»7- I oi „ 
QAJUc^L, (*-_ d.. A9je^ . a.5"- \%^<Z ^j-c^l \/lo/sS. 

^^d&ULJjz, < &n^yuL<££, ty^juJU^l^- \^0X ) ^-"Vvuxju SJJ-l^03jax^cL 10 **- ^ oL. 
L^oe^Li2-<^ej(2. , Ur£co dbuLx=L \l4svul \H~ } 19/7, ^oecL /y^ecx^^- 

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*7tc. CLhsutfl (3— /^7&), "^>-e^< J <^^e^ U^U^eitt: ~B^<i-ocLaco2^/ U>e^fckri-cl. 
A , @£ouuu^e^ CULc^n^, (jOjJ^£Jbjt, t t: QlLaJJL SLJ-I^S^ 


Acton Street 

Historical Sketch 

"Lovers of Antic ues Happy" by Mrs. E.R. Berry 

Ancestry of Ambrose Heald 

Parmenter of Antrim, N.H. 

Cyrus (7) Heald Family 

Heald-Page Family 

Heald -Kosmer Family 

Heald-Kittredge Family 

The Bear Story by Ephraim Brown 

Marv Chandler ^ald 

Chandler Family 

John Heald and the Heald-Scott House in Acton 

Timothy Heald 1 s Will ,1736 

Record of Graves in East Acton Cemetery 

Copied by Mrs. Frederick Pousland 








■■<' ♦■• ■■■•■'•V'i- siij 





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JLt<i-&£- cit" ^Ete, Jb-sryuL. daL&. Z&trusnn Uurcuo ^AAZJtr^^tt^zdCaAri. l^05~ t ctu^cL 'isJuz^r-CAs-c^AL 

^JU. I(o2>5~ c3LA^<dL (JLrOLO C^L^LrryiXttj^ck C3L, '' t??l£jeAAjLaLAA^ &j~*~ft<UOLAlA\<XXlAV-A-JLA)^a^ 

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^juul, /y/5" ' -€llal, ^GOtfLuisJ^ <£jtriA^casr7 , ~y~noLh.xj ~U~cxJLl, Q^Mt^oJLdL) . TE^tiLc^ ~&-e- o^~ 

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cLu^cA, J^Lul>u2, onrct&u ^i/LL<L, ^cuyi^Ui, ^OL^rrtAJLj, -&-uct~ <=LcAdL ''ncrt J^-xJaJLcL'^aal ~Xutxjl*iaIs. 

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Tfezje- Ujt=co JTOoe^ -^ucnnAje^ c£. {^oJpJtcxjLut, Xz€l**?fejcJldL , ~&crudc 

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~$JLouy-e, dts szudt -J^Jf ^-ous cu ySULJpcMM^cdt^. Jjbxjcnn S^Luf* <^_jUccLdt£uodT Cn^rdtfUsL. S^J^r- 


ou^JLGUl1^7 leca^£- outturn -j^U^ ^Ynl^dh^j^ Qcn^odtz, , \<JL &/- 1735: 

'L^fticrn o£- QoltiILulQ^ / J&-iujh Ujguo ^ert^ nryrj&tJL J&c<*_ju^ ^Bi^tu ^&cx^l^ -<^cjcJLuJUjc( 

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■2c^tyy-e, mo ^JCUQjy^du &L Jjl^t _JUyxL*Jp± >Cuu -Quia UytM , dLcdbudL ^=kL- ST- 1 7(0 5", 

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Nt>te 2640. NORTH AGTON, MASS., 
In the small cemetery at North Acton 

I have found the graves of a number of 
men who fought in the Revolutionary 
War. It occurred to me that this infor- 
mation might bo useful to someone and 
so I am sending the names on the grave- 
stones, and have noted those of Revolu- 
tionary soldiers. 

Francis E. Anderson 
died Jan. 18, 1894 
aet. 48 yrs. 4 mos. 

M. Augusta Anderson 

died Feb. 18, 1872 

1 yr. 6 mos. 

Clarence E. Anderson 

Sept. 24, 1898 

aet. 22 yrs- 7 mos. 

Nahum Conant 

born Oct. 2, 1810 

died April 28, 1854 

Eliza A. Conant 

his wife 

born Feb. 2, 1809 

died Dec. 21, 1887 

William, Infant Bon 
died Oct. 24, 1842 

Charles Davies 
died June 7, 1828. aet. 29 

David G. Davis (sic) 
died Nov. 9, 1819, aet. 23 

Daniel Davies 

(Rev olutionary Soldie r} 

died Sept. 16, 1815, aet. 72 

Mary, wife of Daniel Davies 
died Sept. 10, 1843, aet. 78 

Capt. Samuel Davies 

(R evolutionary Sold ier) 

died July 4, 1800, ae. 89 

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Capt. Samuel Davies 
died April 13, 1801, aet. 86 

Elijah Davies 

(R evolutionary So jdler) 

died May 77 1U32, aet. 82 

Samuel Davies 

son of Mr. E. & Mrs. Ellz. Davies 
who died July 2, 1803 

Sarah Davies 

daughter of Mr. E. & Mrs. Eliz. Davies 
who died July 12, 1803, 
aged 3 yrs. & 6 mos. 

Mary Davies 

daughter of Mr. E. & Mrs. Ellz. Davies 

who died July 15, 1803 

1 yr. 9 mos. 

Gershom Davies 

(Re volutionary Soj dler) 
died Aug. 28, 1787, aet. 74 

Rebecca Davies 

wife of Gershom Davies 
who departed this life July 22, 1762, in 

the 44th year of her age. 

Sarah Davies 

2d wife of Gershom Davies 
died April 21, 1816, aet. 84 

Jonathan Davies 

(Revolutionary Soldier) 
died March 3, 1832,~ae. 80 

Jesse Davies 

only son of Jonathan & Sarah Davies 
died Sept. 16, 1817, aet. 23 

Sarah Davies 

wife of Jonathan Davies 
died Dec. 29, 1849, aet. 92 yrs. 

Luclnda Davies 

died Feb. 2, 1859. aet. 73 yrs. 

Mercy Davies 

died Aug. 12, 1837, aet. 41 yrs. 

Sarah J. Flanders 

wife of H. R. Flanders 

died Sept. 18, 1859 

ae. 36 yrs. & 10 mos. 

Flint, Henry and Beulah his wife 

a Sol dier of the Revolu tion 

Tilly Flint 


Lucretia D. his wife 


and their children 

Louis Flint 

eldest son of Tilly & Lucretia D. Flint 

Sept. 28, 1858, aet. 22 yrs. 8 mos. 

Ambrose Heald 

j Cyrus Heald 

died Dec. 17, 1859, aet. 67. 
. Charlotte Green Heald 
I wife of Cyrus Heald 

died March 23, 1876, aet 81. 

Timothy, son of Cyrus & Charlotte 

Green Heald 

died June 16, 1852, aet. 22 yrs. 

John Heald, Esq. 

died Oct. 16, 1839, aet. 65 yrs. 

Dorcas, wife of John Heald 

died Nov. 18, 1862 in Lawrence 

aet. 82. 

Timothy Heald 

died Nov. 29, 1826, aet. 22 yrs. 

Capt. John Heald (Revol utionary Soldi er) 

born April 29, 1746 

died Oct. 31, 1816 


Mary White Heald 

born March 2, 1748 

died March 7, 1835 

Abel, Mary & Abel 

(died in infancy) 

Deacon Joseph Heald 

died Feb. 29, 1872 

aet. 91 yrs. 6 mos. 

Mrs. Mary Heald his wife 

died June 23, 1838 

aet. 63 yrs. 2 mos. 

Deacon John Heald 

died May 16, 1775, aet. 82 yrs. 

Mrs. Mary, Heald 

wife of John Heald 

died Sept.-1758, aet. 67 

(3 young children died in Infancy) 

Elbridge Heald 

died Aug. 14, 1839, aet. 27 yrs. 

Capt. Israel Heald (Revolutionary soldier) 

died Oct. 28, 1815, aet."79^ 

Mrs. Susanna wife of Capt. Israel Heald 
died Jan. 8, 1822, aet. 84 
Lucy Heald 

died Sept. 22, 1775, aet. 3 yrs. 
C apt. Timothy Heald . 
died May lb, 1813, aet. 50 yrs. 
Oliver Heald 

son of Capt. Timothy & Mrs. Hannah 

died Feb. 28, 1797, aet. 2 weeks 
(To be continued.) 

E. S. P. 


Part II. 

Note 2540. 

Francis Hutchinson 

March, 4, 1843— July 11, 1931 

their children 
Erving L. 
Dec. 26, 1870— Sept 16, 1871 

Emma F. Bums 

July 18, 1869— May 6, 1895 

Lucy Johnson 
wife of Nathan Johnson 
daughter of David & Mary Davies 
died June 14, 1836, set. 35. 

Mary Etta McCollum 

daughter of J. M. & M. McCollum 
died April 23, 1869 
set. 8 yrs. 7 mos. 7 dys. 

Henry L. McCollum 
died Dec. 9, 1874 
set. 18 yrs. 11 mos. 

Joel Oliver 

died Oct. 24, 1862, aet. 84 yrs. 

Esther Oliver 
wife of Joel Oliver 

died Sept. 11, 1856, aet. 73 yrs. 

John Nlckles 

died June 12, 1864, ret, 67. 

Maria H. Nichols 
wife of John Nlckles 

died May 4, 1851, ret. 56. 

John C. Nlckles 

died Dec. 30, 1843, ret. 23. 

Timothy H. Nlckles 
died Nov. 8, 1847, ret. 20 

Edwin Nlckles 

son of John & Hannah Nickles 

died Oct. 25, 1856. 

ret. 2 mos. 3 dys. 

Mary Eliza Nickles 

daughter f John & Hannah Nickles 

died May 17, 1859 

ret. 3 yrs, 10 mos. 9 dys. 

Nathan Parlin (R evolu ti onary Soldi er) 
died Oct. 20, 1827, ret. 88 

Mrs. Abigail wife of Nathan Parlin 
died May 25, 1776, ret. 30 yrs. 

Mr. Jonathan Parlin 
who departed this life 

Jan. 19, 1776 
in the 69th year of his age. 

Mrs. Sarah, relict of Mr. Jonathan 

who died May 9, 1790 
in the 80th year of her age. 

William H. Phillips 
died July 29, 1859 
ret. 50 yrs. 3 mos. 

Sarah A Phillips 

wife of William H. Phillips 

died Feb. 1, 1862 

ret. 48 yrs. 9 mos. 

George O. Phillips 

son of William H. & Sarah Phillips 

died June 18, 1866. 

ret. 15 yrs. 6 mos. 16 dys. 

Andrew J. Phillips 
died Jan. 27, 1834 
ret. 5 yrs. 

Nancy M. Phillips 
died Dec. 2, 1833 
ret. 18 mos. 

William M. Phillips 
died Dec. 15, 1836 
ret. 14 mos. 

William Raymond 
died Nov. 9, 1860. 
ret. 79 yrs. 9 mos. 

Betsy, his wife, 
died July 18, 1835. 
ret. 42 yrs. 4 mos. 

Mr. Samuel Temple 

(Re volution ary Soldier) 
died A pril V , 182b, ret. 7 3 . 

Mrs. Jerusha, wife of Mr. Samuel 

died March 11, 1825, ret. 63 yrs. 

Samuel Temple 

died Oct. 4, 1858 

ret. 67 yrs. 11 mos. 4 dys. 

Mary Temple 
died Dec. 26, ,1897 
set. 91 yrs. 1 m. 7 dys. 

Sarah Temple 

daughter of Samuel & Mary Temple 

died Jan. 26, 1816 

ret. 1 yr. 4 mos. 27 dys. 

Samuel Temple 

son of Samuel & Mary Temple 

died March 18, 1834 

ret. 2 yrs. 4 mos & 18 dys. 

Sarah S. Temple 

daughter of Samuel & Mary Temple 

died July 19, 1842 

ret. 2 yrs. 4 mos. 19 dys. 




Mr. Oliver Wheeler 1?av *JfA»m~> 

who died July 31, 1804 *?**«*±**' 
in the 82d year of his age. 

Mrs. Abigail wife of Mr. Oliver "Wheeler 

who died Aug. 14, 1786 

in the 60th year of her age. 

Mrs. Retsy wife of Mr. Joseph Wheeler 
who died Jan. 9, 1820, sat. 66 

Charles Wiley 

died Jan. 13, 1847, se. 30 yrs. * 

Robert Wiley 

died Oct. 12, 1855, set. 70 

Hannah Wiley 

wife of Robert Wiley 

died Oct. 2, 1863, ' 

set. 73 yrs. & 6 mos. 

Moses Woods (R evolu t irmar Y Snldiftrl 
died May 3, 1837, aged 87 yrs. 

Mrs. Kezia Woods 

wife of Moses Woods 

departed this life Dec. 17, 1791 
in the 47th yr. of her age. 

Mrs. Hasadiah, wife of Moses Woods 
died April 21, 1817, set. 54 yrs. 

John Woods 

died Nov. 11, 1865, set. 68. 

Mrs. Sally Wood 
wife of Mr. Daniel Wood 
died Aug. 29, 1833, set. 38 

Lieut. James Wright 

fR e volutionary Soldi er) 
died" March 2, 1833, set. 79. 

E. S. P. 


: ..